Holly Peng

Holly Peng

美国国家中国园基金会董事会成员Board Member, National China Garden Foundation




Holly Peng is currently the deputy Secretary General of China Eco-Culture Association. Since 2005, she has been actively involved with the National China Garden project as a leading member of the Chinese design team.

Holly Peng has rich experiences in Chinese garden design, in addition to holding a doctoral degree in ornamental horticulture. She was involved with the "Chinese garden" design for "Chiang Mai 2006 Royal Flora Ratchaphruek" in Thailand, "Venlo Floriade 2012" in Netherlands, as well as participating in an ongoing project, the "Beijing 2019 Expo".

Over the years, Holly Peng has been actively committed to the exchange and promotion of Chinese culture. She has especially been promoting through Chinese flora-culture and eco-culture in order to deepen cultural exchange among people.