Donglei Ji

Donglei Ji

美国国家中国园基金会财务Treasurer, National China Garden Foundation

-2015 年 12 月加入 PNC 财务管理集团担任国际顾问、高级副总裁,负责与销售团队和客户合作建立和提供高效的国际贸易和现金管理解决方案。此前在华盛顿特区担任PNC财富管理团队高级客户经理。

-2008 年从芝加哥到中国上海创办 PNC 银行的第一家海外办事处并担任该处首席代表至2015年。担任首席代表期间管理一支专业团队并在当地市场担任跨国公司“大使”,与当地政府各相关部门建立了互信合作关系。由于工作出色,2011 年被晋升为公司最年轻的高级副总裁。在到上海前曾担任亚太、西欧和土耳其的区域经理,负责代理银行,贸易融资和结构业务以及销售和分销业务。

-1999年作为管理培训生加入国家城市银行(2008 年由 PNC 银行收购),2001年加入公司国际部担任信用分析师。



Donglei joined PNC’s Treasury Management Group as the International Advisor/Senior Vice President in December 2015. She specializes in working with sales teams and clients to build and deliver efficient international trade and cash management solutions. Prior to this role, Donglei was a Relationship Manager with PNC Wealth Management team located in Washington DC.

In 2008, Donglei relocated from Chicago to Shanghai, China to establish PNC Bank’s first overseas’ office and served as the Chief Representative from 2008 to 2015. In 2011, Donglei was promoted to Senior Vice President, one of the youngest in the corporation. During her tenure in China, Donglei managed a team of professionals and acted as the PNC “Ambassador” in the local market, cultivating strong relationships with the local government, regulators and financial institutions. Prior to relocating to Shanghai, China, she was the Regional Manager in charge of Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and Turkey, responsible for correspondent banking, trade finance & structure trade, as well as sales and distribution. Donglei joined National City Bank (acquired by PNC Bank in 2008) in 1999 as a management trainee and joined the International Division as a credit analyst in 2001.

Donglei received a Master of International Management and Marketing from Case Western Reserve University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Economics and French from Mount Union College. Donglei has spoken at a number of Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) and industry conferences both in China & U.S.A.