Jim Travis

Jim Travis
吉姆. 崔维斯

美国国家中国园基金会董事会成员Board Member, National China Garden Foundation

吉姆. 崔维斯是孟山都公司在华盛顿特区国际政府事务和贸易部总监。他已经在孟山都公司工作了13年并且在过去的二十年间积极参与联邦政府农业政策的发展。

在现任期间,吉姆. 崔维斯争取美国和外国政府代表以及主要农业顾客的支持去促进亚洲和非洲经济贸易的发展。他在美国首府分部承担的重任和孟山都公司全球发展战略是一致的并且对公司及其客户提供了额外的国际经济贸易的支持。

加入孟山都之前,崔维斯先生是加州国会议员卡尔•杜利的资深农业和水利资源顾问同时也是农业资源委员会主要负责人。 他还是杜利两院议员联席的协商委员会成员而且是两项重要农业立法过程中的主要谈判者。 这两项法案是: 2002 年农场农业法案和2000年农作物保险风险管理法案。


崔维斯先生来自拉波特,印第安纳, 他从厄勒姆学院毕业并是美国国家中国园基金会的董事会成员。崔维斯先生及其夫人南希和两个女儿丽丽和罗茜住在福尔斯彻奇,维吉尼亚州。

Jim Travis is the Director of International Government Affairs & Trade for Monsanto Company in the Washington, DC office. He has been with Monsanto Company for thirteen years and has been actively engaged in the development of federal agricultural policy in Washington, DC for the last twenty years.

In his current role, Mr. Travis seeks to align the support of the U.S. government as well as foreign government representatives and key agricultural constituencies to promote business and trade opportunities throughout Asia and Africa. This role streamlines Monsanto's Washington DC coordination with its businesses worldwide and places additional focus on international business and trade issues important to the company and its customers.

Previous to his career with Monsanto, Mr. Travis was the Senior Advisor for Agriculture and Water Resources for Congressman Cal Dooley (D-CA) and was the congressman's lead staffer on both the House Agriculture and Resources Committees and was Dooley's conference committee staff and principal negotiator for two major pieces of agricultural legislation: The 2002 Farm Bill and the Crop Insurance I Risk Management Bill of 2000.

Prior to serving for Congressman Dooley, Mr. Travis was Manager of Government Affairs for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), where he worked on domestic agricultural policy and international trade issues impacting the U.S. beef industry.

Mr. Travis hails from LaPorte, Indiana and graduated from Earlham College and is a Board Member of the National China Garden Foundation. Mr. Travis resides in Falls Church, Virginia with his wife Nancy and daughters Lily and Rosie.