Peter Stanton

Peter V. Stanton

美国国家中国园基金会董事会副总裁Vice President of the Board, National China Garden Foundation

司登腾先生现任Stanton通信有限公司的总裁兼首席执行官。该公司于1989年成立,是目前全美排名前列的独立传媒机构,分别在华盛顿特区,纽约和巴尔的摩设立办事处 。该公司加盟世界公关公司联盟,与35个国家独立公司组成的财团建立合作伙伴,保持全球网络联系。

从与企业集团,专业协会到与财富100强企业合作,司登腾先生拥有近40年丰富多元化的管理经验。他为国家元首包括香港第一任行政长官提供沟通管理建议 。他还促成了时任中国国家主席江泽民访美一个关键环节。他协调媒体报道了四位教皇访问美国,并在2012年10月负责媒体报导奥巴马总统和州长米特•罗姆尼出席阿尔•史密斯纪念基金会在纽约设立的晚宴。

Peter V. Stanton currently serves as President and CEO of Stanton Communications Inc., the firm he founded in 1989 and which today is ranked among the top independent communications agencies in the United States with offices in Washington, D.C., New York and Baltimore. The firm maintains a global network of associates through its membership in PR World Alliance, a consortium of independent firms with partners in 35 countries.

Peter has nearly 40 years of diversified experience working for entities ranging from Fortune 100 corporations, industry associations and professional societies. He has advised heads of state on communications initiatives including the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong under China rule. He also helped stage a key element of the visit to the United States of then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin. He coordinated media logistics for four Papal Visits to the United States and was responsible for media coverage logistics for The Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York featuring President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in October 2012.