Sandra Gibson

Sandra L. Gibson

总干事Executive Director, National China Garden Foundation

季珊琢女士在艺术和文化领域拥有三十多年丰富的教学和实践专业知识,使其在合作和创意方面俱有独特见解。季珊琢女士的职业生涯始于她担任加州大学洛杉矶分校进修部艺术系项目代表,负责开发和管理 200个年度全国性项目 。季女士后分别担任美国电影学会西岸业务总监,国家艺术基金会独立制片人计划总监,美国电影协会高级影视研究中心总监。

季珊琢女士在加州长滩艺术委员会担任总干事期间, 与来自不同背景艺术家和文化艺术赞助人合作,使其擅长管理多元文化社区。季女士执导了全市首次文化总体规划,并推出了美国第一个史密森尼附属机构。 1995年季珊琢女士任职于成立美国艺术协会的指导委员会,并于1998年受聘担任该组织执行副总裁兼首席运营官。2000年她被任命为全美演艺出品人协会-全球领先的业界服务和宣传机构第四任总裁兼首席执行官 。 季女士实施了表演艺术第一次全国性的调查,在整个行业以至全球范围提高了该协会声望。 2005年,季珊琢女士被国务卿鲍威尔,后由国务卿赖斯任命为美国教科文组织全国委员会文化委员会专员,并与大提琴演奏家马友友就移民改革在美国众议院政府改革委员会作证。


Over three decades Sandra Gibson’s expertise, teaching and practice in arts and culture have given her a unique understanding of partnership, creativity and collaboration. Gibson’s professional career began with her role as program representative for UCLA Extension’s Department of the Arts, where she developed and managed 200 nationally recognized programs annually. Gibson later became Director, West Coast Operations at American Film Institute, and also served as Director, National Endowment for the Art’s Independent Filmmaker Program and Director, Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies.

Gibson’s work as the executive director of the Long Beach Regional Arts Council in California developed her gifts for working with diverse cultural communities, individual artists and patrons of arts and culture. Gibson directed the city’s first Cultural Masterplan and launched the first Smithsonian Institution Program Affiliation in the US. In 1995 Gibson served on the steering committee that formed Americans for the Arts and was recruited for the position of executive vice president and COO at the organization in 1998. In 2000, she was appointed the fourth president and CEO of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, the leading service and advocacy organization for the presenting industry worldwide. While there, Gibson conducted the first nationwide survey of the performing arts presenting field and expanded the association’s reach globally and across industry sectors. In 2005 Gibson was appointed by Secretary Colin Powell and later by Secretary Condoleezza Rice as a Commissioner on the Culture Committee of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO and also testified with cellist Yo Yo Ma on immigration reform before the US House of Representatives Government Reform Committee.

Gibson currently serves as the first executive director of the National China Garden Foundation in Washington, D.C. and serves as Chair, Friends of the British Council and a board member and chair, Artistic Committee of the Sphinx Organization, as well as a board member and chair of the Governance Committee for the National Center for Creativity in Aging. An ethnomusicologist and musician with a Master’s Degree in Music from Northwestern University, Gibson believes the arts are critical to personal, community and national well being, essential to an advanced democracy and to global cultural exchanges.