片石山房 Mountain House of Sliced Stones

假山 - Mountain House Rockery


A rockery made of Chinese limestone is the primary feature of the interior northern section of the House of Sliced Stone. The rockery, accented with Chinese trees and shrubs, provides the perfect backdrop for a small, irregular pool that reaches across the Mountain House interior. It is designed to be a highlight of the China Garden.


池塘 - Pond


A little pavilion standing adjacent to the water, which seems boats berthed besides the Nanmu Hall without cables (No-boat-bonded Pond), injects more natural taste. Visitors can enjoy the scenery in this open space.


西部廊 - West Corridor

漫游在西部廊, 片石山房的美景尽收眼底,游客可以充分品味凋刻在石碑匾额上的中国书法名家手迹,从而更深地领会构筑精致,独具匠心,自然美和人文美为一体的创作意境。

Roaming in the West Corridor, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view gradually of Mountain House of Sliced Stones, savor Chinese calligraphy engraved in steel, and thus further comprehend the artistic conception, integrating sensations and scenery within one world.


平桥 - Flat Bridge


A simple flat-stoned bridge comes out of nature and remains rich in natural rustic charm.


楠木厅 - Nanmu Hall


A dominant feature in this complex, Nanmu Hall is made from the rare and beautiful Nanmu wood used in traditional Chinese gardens. It is decorated with furniture reminiscent of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as original paintings and calligraphy. Here, visitors can learn about the traditional lifestyle of a Chinese scholar and how he entertained his guests. From the interior, visitors can contemplate the beautiful pond and rockery comprising the northern half of the Mountain House of Sliced Stone.


东外廊 - Outer-East Corridor


In Outer-East Corridor opposite to the Boat Hall, tourists can fully enjoy the beauty of the Boat Hall and its surrounding scenery, which seems waiting for ferries in a recreation Pavilion, turning dull, monotonous and tall walls into a colorful and enchanting scene.


船厅 - Boat Hall


The Boat Hall is the main feature on the west side of the lake and is the largest structure in this section of the China Garden. A functional teahouse, it is furnished with luxurious furniture. Visitors can enjoy the fragrant flavor of tea while savoring the magnificent view of the lake.


门厅 - Gate

通过片石山房入口的一扇雅致大门,游客可进入到楠木厅。 挂在牆上的书法和绘画作品使游客体验到中国古代贵族宴请宾客时的那份閒情逸致。
此门作为通向片石山房的一个通道, 使盘旋在山石间的泉水假山看似镶嵌在镜框中的一幅美妙的中国水墨山水画。

An elegant entrance to the House of Sliced Stone, the Gate guides the visitors to Nanmu Hall. Calligraphy and paintings hang on the walls, giving visitors an understanding of the settings in which ancient Chinese nobles entertained guests while relaxing.

The Gate serves as a bridge to the site of Mountain House of Sliced Stones, which resembles a frame circling spring water among the rockeries inside within a water-and-ink landscape painting


东部廊 - East Corridor

东部廊作为连接书房和楠木厅之间的走廊,不仅为游客行走其间遮风避雨, 也使景色更加趣味盎然。

East Corridor, as a connecting corridor between Reflection Room and Nanmu Hall, not only shields tourists from rain and snow to travel between Reflection Room and Nanmu Hall, but also adds richness, variety and fun into the scenery.


书房 - Reflection Room

书房採用传统建筑结构,是学者和商人静心欣赏艺术的地方。现代的游客将有机会享受古人的那份诗情画意。书房保留着中国传统文化中倍受推崇的四大艺术- 琴、棋、书、画,此处是研究这些传统文化之所。

A traditional structure where scholars and merchants would retire to enjoy the arts. Modern-day visitors will have the same opportunity. The Reflection Room is reserved for the four arts highly admired in traditional Chinese culture—harp, chess, books and painting. It is arranged as a study with an area for enjoying these traditions.



Located in the front of the China Garden, this section is an enclosed area that will include a small pond and traditional Chinese buildings decorated with Ming- and Qing-style hardwood furniture and artwork. It is adjacent to a traditional boathouse located on the 1.7-acre lake.